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Bremke Law LLC is a full service law firm serving Lorain County, Cuyahoga County, and the surrounding areas.  Our firm focuses in Estate planning, Landlord and Tenant matters, Civil and Criminal litigation. Whether you’re a landlord, a small business owner, a recent widow or a parent with young children, we will not only provide quality legal services at practical pricing, we customize our support to your individual needs and concerns. Making the decision to seek an attorney can be a stressful time in your life, let us provide comfort in knowing that your matter will be handled with care and compassion. 

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Areas of Practice

Real estate 

Real estate laws are in place to protect commercial and residential property and property owners as well as to guide parties through sale and purchase transactions and even conflicts with neighbors. In most real estate transactions, the most important event is the negotiation and signing of the contract or purchase agreement. Its importance is often overlooked, and future conflicts can often be prevented by reviewing the contract with an experienced attorney prior to signing.

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While the attorneys at Bremke Law encourage their clients to resolve matters without the intervention of a court, sometimes it is just not possible or practical. We are not afraid to file a lawsuit if and when it becomes necessary in order to protect our client’s personal or financial interests. We are happy to help our clients argue their cases before a judge or jury and seek the relief our clients need.                    

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As a family-oriented firm, Bremke Law understands the importance of small businesses and family-owned & operated businesses. We are happy to help clients form new businesses or review existing business documents and clean them up or bring them into compliance with Ohio law. Whether you are forming or have formed a corporation or a limited liability company, we are happy to help ensure that the entity provides you with the liability protection it should.

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estate planning

“I don’t have an estate,” is often something our clients tell us. It is only after discussing their situation with one of our experienced attorneys do they realize that owning a large amount of assets is not what guides us in estate planning. Whether you are married with children and grandchildren, or you are a single person in your twenties, it is important to have a proper plan in place in the event of the unexpected. Estate planning helps an individual arrange for the management of that person’s property not only after death, but also that person’s welfare if that person becomes ill and impaired. We take a practical approach to review your family and asset situation to provide you with estate planning recommendations uniquely tailored to you.

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Whether you are a party to a civil lawsuit or a defendant charged criminally, losing a case at trial may not be the end of the road. We are equipped to walk you through all phases of a lawsuit, including the appeal process. If you had a negative outcome, please allow us to review your case to help determine whether filing an appeal is appropriate in your situation. The appeal process is very time-sensitive and procedurally-driven. You must act fast, so do not wait to contact us if you think you need assistance with an appeal.                      


Probate as it is typically understood is the process of ensuring that a deceased person’s debts are paid and assets are distributed whether pursuant to a will or by statute. The process is overseen by the probate court. One way in which people avoid probate is by establishing a living trust. When you need assistance establishing  a guardianship over a child or individual who has become incapacitated through age or disability we will be ready and honored to assist.                           

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Whether you or a loved one has been given a speeding ticket, been cited for driving under the influence, or become a defendant in other criminal or traffic matters, it can be a difficult and trying time. We have specialized experience in criminal law should you find yourself being charged with misdemeanors, felony or traffic offenses and we know that such a charge has serious effects on your entire life. We work with our clients to address the charges and help to minimize the negative effects on family and work life as well as ensure our clients obtain driving privileges and other relief when appropriate.

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You have rights and duties as a landlord and as a tenant. We can assist with both, whether you are a tenant of a single-bedroom apartment, a landlord who owns a single rental unit, or a landlord with over three hundred units. Bremke Law has assisted in a large variety of landlord/tenant matters, from drafting leases to prosecuting and defending evictions, to assuring compliance with local ordinances and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and federal Fair Housing laws. We are happy to assist our clients in developing and discussing and implementing new rules and fielding everyday questions that arise on the fly.

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