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Bremke Law LLC is a full service law firm serving Lorain County, Cuyahoga County, and the surrounding areas.  Our firm specializes in Estate planning, Landlord and Tenant matters, Civil and Criminal litigation. Whether you’re a landlord, a small business owner, a recent widow or a parent with young children, we will not only provide top quality legal services at practical pricing, we customize our support to your individual needs and concerns. Making the decision to seek an attorney can be a stressful time in your life, let us provide comfort in knowing that your matter will be handled with care and compassion. 

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Areas of Practice

Real estate LAW

Real estate laws are in place to protect commercial and residential property and persons. If you are a  buyer, seller, land owner and need advice we have extensive experience in this area of law. We also represent developers, contractors, and real estate agents. 

civil LAW

If you have experienced defamation, breach of contract, or property damage we can counsel you on the best course of action.                                                                                                                                             

Business LAW

Corporate contracts, hiring practices and the sale of consumer goods are all in our wheelhouse. If you need guidance in any of these areas please know we value the trust you put into our firm.                                                                                           

estate planning

If you are concerned about keeping real estate within the family, we can help you achieve that goal. Estate planning is the process of arranging for the management of  your estate not only after your death, but should you become ill and impaired. 

criminal LAW

We have specialized experience in criminal law should you find yourself being sued ( defendant) or filing a suit ( plaintiff) for assault, theft, drunk driving or other traffic violations or misdemeanors.                                     


Whether you are being sued or filing a civil suit we can guide you through the entire litigation process. We have experience in business, real estate, contracts, personal and commercial disputes.                            


When you need assistance creating a will, trust or guardianship over a child or an individual who has become incapacitated through age or disability we will be ready and honored to assist.                                       


We will walk you through all phases of a lawsuit - from pre-trial through the appeals process. Please allow us to review your case if you think you need to request a formal change to an official decision or a previous judgement. 

Landlord/tenant law

You have rights and duties as a landlords and as a tenant. We are experts at leases, rent, and eviction for both residential and commercial tenants.                                                                                                          


For me, public service is an honor, and I have the ultimate respect for the rule of law.
— Brian Sandoval