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ELYRIA — The Ohio 9th District Court of Appeals has reversed and remanded rulings made by Lorain County Probate Court Judge Jim Walther in two cases in which he ordered two men to keep from fathering anymore children.

Whether or not either man plans on having more children in the future isn’t really the concern, Scaletta-Bremke said. Instead, it’s really more about whether there’s a constitutional right for the sentence to be imposed.

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Lorain County Probate Court Judge James Walther has seen a lot in his seven years on the bench, including more than 700 cases of non-payment of child support.

But he says he's never seen a case like London Chapman's.

Chapman, 39, of Lorain pleaded guilty recently to 11 counts of non-support. He is accused of owing $203,000 in back child support over 11 of the 13 years he has fathered children with five women.

After what he said were months of consideration, Walther handed down an unusual sentence in the case last week: He banned Chapman from fathering any more children until he pays back child support, or at least makes a substantial effort to do so.

"It's a person's fundamental right to procreate," said Scaletta-Bremke. "I don't know if Mr. Chapman wants to have more children or not. He has not fathered a child in nine years, but it is his right to do so. We will appeal the case Ninth District Ohio Court of Appeals and if necessary, appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court to hear the case."


Attorney Bremke in the News - Chronicle Telegram


Lorain County Probate Judge James Walther has banned another man convicted of failing to pay child support from having more children while he’s on probation. 

“Defendant is ordered to make all reasonable efforts to avoid impregnating a woman during the community control period or until such time that Defendant can prove to the Court that he is able to provide support for his children he already has and is in fact supporting the children or until a change in conditions warrant the lifting of this condition,” Walther wrote in the order handed down in Chapman’s six criminal nonsupport cases.

Chapman, who lives in Lorain, will be on probation for five years, but his lawyer Giovanna Scaletta-Bremke said her client plans to appeal the procreation ban.

“People have a fundamental right to procreate and a restriction on the right to procreate is unconstitutional,” she said.

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